Student Visa

A Student Visa to Australia allows overseas students to study in Australia at all levels, including primary, secondary, tertiary, post-graduate, vocational and non-award courses. Anyone wishing to study in Australia is required to obtain an appropriate Student visa before commencing any course.

Higher Education Student Visa

The Higher Education visa enables international students to undertake a degree, graduate certificate, diploma or a masters by coursework in Australia.

Vocational Training Student Visa

A Vocational Education and Training visa is designed for international students to complete a trade or vocational certificate or diploma in Australia.

Primary / Secondary Student Visa

The Primary and Secondary School visa entitles students to attend primary or secondary school and participate in exchange programs in Australia.

Elicos Student Visa

An ELICOS visa is ideal for international students who are enrolled to participate in an English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) in Australia.

Postgraduate Student Visa

A Postgraduate Research visa enables international students to study a Masters or Doctorate degree by research in Australia.

Non-Award Student Visa

A Non-award visa enables international students to study non award and other full time courses that do not lead to an Australian award.

Do I qualify for Student Visa to Australia?
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