Why Study in Austria

Austria, located at the heart of Europe by the beautiful and impressive Alps, has greatly contributed to enrich the European culture with renowned thinkers such as Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgensteign or Franz Kafka, or musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Austrian cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, or Graz are ideal places to meet Austria´s history, literature, philosophy and art.

In addition to its historical and cultural appeal, you would like to study in Austria because of the high quality of its universities and institutions of higher education, its low tuition fees or the possibility of learning one of the worlds most important languages: German. No wonder Austria is one of Europe´s most popular study destinations. Over 59000 international students chose to study in Austria in 2009.

Study in English, but also learn an important language: German

  • The national language of Austria is German. Thus students have good opportunity - while they will be taught in English medium to learn one of the most important European languages during language classes and in everyday life.
  • This will also give them also a huge opportunity to work in Germany, or in India for German companies, like BMW, Siemens Group, Volkswagen Group, Continental etc. at their Indian branches.
  • The knowledge of the German language will be helpful for future residency and work permit in Austria or Germany.


Looking for Excellent education in English after 12th grade
Austria is a German speaking country. Austria is a good opportunity for students who want to study at a continental-European University or College, where the system of percentage tests is not practiced and a 12th grade "passing" degree of a high school is sufficient proof for all (national and international) students to be allowed to take up studies at a Government University. The only problem is, that there are very few continental European Colleges or even Universities, who offer their courses in English language.

EASY travel:
situated in the centre of Europe, staying in Vienna will make travel easy, short and cheap to all parts of Europe; with a Schengen-residency permit of Austria, students may travel to all Schengen countries without a Visa and stay there up to 90 consecutive days.

We are currently representing:


  • MODUL University an excellent University owned by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and has a broad study programme in management & business sciences, offered only in English language. MODUL University does not ask for a certain percentage of the 12th grade test.

ITM, International College of Tourism and Management

  • Located close to Vienna in Bad Voslau/Austria, ITM does not ask for a certain percentage of the 12th grade test either. All courses in English language!

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