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UK life is an incredible mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking, held together by a strong sense of identity and tradition. Study in the UK and you’ll find an array of exciting experiences to discover - music, celebrations, accents, people to meet, places to visit – the list is endless. As the UK is such a cosmopolitan society you’ll find that many UK customs are already familiar to you – so you’ll settle in faster than you think.


  1. Identify the Course and Help to find the right University/College
  2. Preparation  to acquire the required test scores
  3. Shortlist the Universities/Colleges
  4. Prepare the application for admission.
  5. Send application forms along with required documents for Offer of Place
  6. Acceptance letter from University / Offer letter
  7. Documentation preparation for Visa process

UK Universities/Colleges which we can help students in attaining admission :

  1. University of Essex
  2. University of East London
  3. University of Plymouth
  4. University of Wolverhampton
  5. University of Central Lancashire
  6. Northumbria University
  7. Birmingham City University
  8. London Metropolitan University
  9. Leeds Metropolitan University
  10. Conventry University
  11. Middlesex University
  12. Teesside University
  13. Thames Valley University
  14. University of Bedfordshire
  15. Glyndwr University
  16. University of East Anglia
  17. E Thames Graduate School
  18. Birmingham International College
  19. New Castle College
  20. Holborn College
  21. Kensington College of Business
  22. British Institute of Technology & E Commerce
  23. London School of Accountancy & Management
  24. London School of Business & Finance
  25. London School of Business Management
    and many more colleges

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