Permanent Residence Visa to Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Permanent Residence Visa is a coveted immigration status that allows individuals to live, work and study in a foreign country for an indefinite period of time. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are among the top destinations for skilled immigrants seeking to obtain permanent residence visas.

Australia offers a skilled worker visa, which requires applicants to have specific skills that are in demand in the country. Canada, on the other hand, offers several programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Provincial Nominee Program that allow skilled immigrants to apply for permanent residency. New Zealand offers a points-based system that considers factors such as age, qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency to determine eligibility for permanent residency.

Overall, obtaining a permanent residence visa in any of these countries can be a long and complex process, but it offers numerous benefits including access to public services and the ability to sponsor family members for immigration.